…And that’s when I clicked close tab

Puns are the lowest form of wit, just as surely as buns are the lowest form of wheat.

And though I appreciate hasty, obvious wordplays as much as anyone, they’re not sacred cows to be exalted at all costs hardy har har. This is the the kind of eyeroller you make when you’re drunk with a group of friends and there’s that one Indian guy around who’s cool, not a joke you shoehorn into a prestigious news outlet.

Having said that, Libby Nelson’s collection of all Donald Trump’s known conflicts of interest is enormously helpful for keeping an eye on the new swamp. Draining it made for a catchy campaign slogan, but the reality is that President-elect Trump is a a sleazy infomercial huckster. He’s not rooting out any corruption, fraud, or waste. He never intended to and never will. He’s just plunking down another swamp on top of the old one.


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