None: The Submarines – 1940 (AmpLive Remix)

I gotta get shit done. I gotta make shit happen. I gotta learn more shit. I gotta develop myself and go farther in life.

Four months ago I was spinning my wheels in Kansas. I couldn’t sleep and all I looked forward to was a cocktail with ice in it. I was bored at my job, bored of the people I was meeting, bored with myself. I couldn’t get my mind off Julie; no therapy, no Elaina, and no amount of cleaning my apartment would do the trick. I drove back home across the country for a change of scenery and now I gotta get more done. I gotta polish my resume, I gotta network better and get a job, I gotta get

The Submarines; John Dragonetti, Blake Hazard

money, I gotta get up and go, I gotta read more books and write more everything, and I gotta make something of myself. Right now I got nothing and I’m probably still spinning my wheels but each day I roll out of bed feeling like today’s the day, go there and tweak this and learn that and something might happen.

The Submarines are John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard. They hooked up doing music in Boston, broke up, and got back together in Los Angeles and do music again. Sometimes they’re a duo and sometimes they’re a full band with Jason Stare and Scott Barber. I love this song and I love the remix even more, powerful bass with Hazard’s strong, tart vocals.

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