Facebook cannot save us from ourselves

Facebook Facebook Facebook. Facebook everywhere, all the time.

First the Facebook experience was fun and sexy, then it got more popular, then it got kind of weird, and now it’s like a surveillance camera everywhere. And now, Facebook is doing *something* about it’s fake news problem.
Facebook will begin working with prominent third-party fact-checking organizations like Snopes, Factcheck.org, and Politifact to verify news articles.
There’s no winning this battle. Because the problem isn’t Facebook and the problem isn’t fake news. We could avoid Facebook the same way we could avoid fake news; by typing a different url in the browser, using a different app, and basically clicking somewhere else. We just don’t. Nobody signs in there to get truth and accuracy. We want the fake news, the distortion of perspective that comes along with it. Fact-checkers and algorithms be damned — Facebook is only a symptom of this issue and it’s not going away for a long time. Because the problem isn’t Facebook. The problem is us.

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